Meet Marcus Salomon, Las Vegas Rock & Roll Reunion Hall of Famer!

Marcus Salomon and the Crosstown Trio deliver a unique musical experience with their exceptional blend of musicianship. Specializing in a wide variety of genres—Americana, Rock, R&B, Folk, and Blues—they uncover and revive overlooked gems, performing songs from well-known artists but avoiding the usual setlist staples.

The Crosstown Trio stands out with their impressive repertoire, featuring forgotten favorites that captivate every audience. Among their peers, they are celebrated as top-tier professionals, bringing a soulful energy to each performance that keeps audiences coming back for more.

Crosstown Trio promises a delightful and unforgettable musical journey!

Crosstown covers artists such as Elton John, Beatles, Van Morrison, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits, Lyle Lovett, Bob Seager, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, CCR, Neil Young, Rod Stewart, Vince Gill, Randy Newman, The Eagles and Bruce Springsteen.  They also do a variety of oldies from the late 50s & early 60s as well as a little jazz from Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Louis Jordan and Wayne Shorter and more.


Marcus Salomon, Lead Vocal/Guitar - 
Marcus Salomon’s musical journey began in his early teenage years, with his first paid gig at the age of 13. Throughout his 20s, Marcus performed both as a solo artist and with his trio, Los Guys. In 1981, he joined the Las Vegas-based band Roadhouse. The band produced a record that gained airplay, leading to a tour of the Southwest, where they opened for renowned acts such as ZZ Top, Elvin Bishop, and Black Oak Arkansas. In May 2011, Roadhouse was inducted into the Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll Reunion Hall of Fame.

Despite their success, the band did not secure a major record deal, prompting Marcus to return to the Bay Area. By 1986, he was performing in musical theater with TheatreWorks in Palo Alto, CA, and teaching vocals at music schools before opening his own studio. Marcus later formed his own band, performing at corporate events and weddings, eventually leading to the creation of the tribute band City Rocks, which specialized in San Francisco rock music.

In 1998, Marcus was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). Refusing to be defined by the disease, he has fought it for the past 25 years and is now in good health. He continues to perform with The Crosstown Trio, joined by longtime friends and colleagues James Reily and Kevin Clark. They perform throughout the Bay Area, continuing to create and share their love for music.


James Reily, Harmonica & Uke -
James Reily embarked on his musical journey at the age of nine, starting with the guitar and teaching by the time he was 16 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the next four decades, James stayed active in the music scene, playing in various bands while continuing to teach. His musical style primarily focuses on Rock, Blues, and Jazz.

In the late 1990s, James met Marcus Salomon at a music school where they both taught. This meeting led to James joining Marcus's wedding band, which eventually evolved into the tribute band City Rocks. The band celebrated the rock music of the San Francisco Bay Area from 1965 to 1985.

After nearly 50 years of dedication to the guitar, James faced a significant challenge in 2014 when he was diagnosed with Ulnar Neuropathy. This condition prevented him from playing the guitar both professionally and recreationally. However, in 2016, James discovered a new passion for the harmonica. He practiced diligently and soon excelled, reigniting his musical career. Within a few years, he wrote and recorded his first Jazz album, "Obstacles," featuring his chromatic harmonica skills alongside many talented Bay Area musicians.

During the album project, James reunited with Marcus, this time contributing his harmonica talents to the Crosstown Trio. Together, they continue to bring joy and energy to their performances.

James Reily’s resilience and adaptability have ensured his place as a working musician, and all is well once again.


Kevin Clark, Bass - 
Kevin Clark's musical journey began with guitar lessons at age six and expanded to percussion at fourteen. However, it was in high school that he discovered his true calling: the bass guitar. Since then, Kevin has gigged, recorded, and collaborated with numerous notable Bay Area musicians, skillfully navigating various musical styles. He thrives on groove, blend, and variation, enjoying the cross-pollination of different genres. His passion lies in exploring and improvising on familiar material, transforming it into new and surprising creations each time.

The Crosstown Trio represents Kevin's latest musical adventure, offering him new opportunities for growth and creativity. With the trio, he continues to find joy in the ever-evolving possibilities, challenges, and satisfactions of making music.



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